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Puppet Farm Arts offers a wide range of services. Please click a link below to read a complete description of each of our services.

Build a Community Parade

Bring your community together to dream-up, build and perform a magnificent celebratory parade, procession or, otherwise, theatrical event! We will guide you through the envisioning and design aspects of such a parade/performance and then present a theater-building workshop, with something for EVERYONE!
Imaginative costumes, masks, puppets, contraptions, floats and musical devices custom-made for and by your community! We will then guide your community through the marvelous experience of theatrical improvisation and imaginative play!
We specialize in constructing such spectacles entirely from waste materials! We help you turn waste into Wonder! Dance your collective hopes, dreams and love-of-fun down the streets, through your parks and beyond!

Baseline Artistic (On-Site) Fee:    
~  $2000.00-per-week  (plus travel, lodging and materials)

Note: Fees may vary, according to the size of the workshop and the ambitions of the sponsor.

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