Lecture, Presentation & Discussion

Art, Community and the Ecology:

This presentation elucidates the underlying philosophy of the Puppet Farm, including an exploration of:

  • Modes of working with the wider public to create events of collective and communal expression
  • Eco-sustainable practices in the art-making process
  • The application of art-making to the struggle for peace and justice
  • Theater theory dealing with the unique dimensions of transforming and animating waste materials
  • The origins, qualities and environmental impact of various waste materials
  • An appreciation of the intrinsic value (or “true value”) of commmon, utilitarian materials (such as consumer packaging waste)
  • The process of “re-valuing” the “de-valued”
  • The recognition of the soul-substance of the neglected materials of our consumer waste driven culture
  • The central intention of the talk is to help us to reconnect with “the material world” in new and more eco-conscious ways

Slides and/or DVD may accompany the presentation and a question-and-answer period may lead into an open discussion. There may be some participatory handling of various materials, but this is not an art-making workshop, per-say. Sponsors may request that special emphasis be placed on one or more of the above topics.

Fee: ~ $500 (per presentation) -plus travel and lodging